School Calendar

Have a peek at when terms start and finishes as well as important theme days.

If a public holiday falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday, school will be closed on the Friday or the Monday as well.

Opening date for 2025 T.B.A.


  • TERM 1 10th Jan - 20th March
  • TERM 2 8th of April - 14th of June
  • TERM 3 15th of July - 20th of September
  • TERM 4 7th of October - 10th of Dec (Closes at 1 o’clock)

Closed Days

  • 21st and 22nd March (Human rights day)
  • 29 March (Good Friday) and 1 April (Easter Monday)
  • 1st May (Workers day)
  • 17th June (Youth day)
  • 9th August (Woman’s day)
  • 23rd and 24th September (Heritage day)

over and look around.

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