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Peaches Class - Infants

Yes, our Peaches class ensures babies receive tailored developmental stimulation through a multi-sensory curriculum. This includes activities like baby sign language, music, drums, messy play, tummy time, and sensory work. These activities aid in speech, language, motor skills, and cognitive development.

We recommend that parents walk their Kindergarteners to the playground for at least the first few days of school. Park on the street or in the lot at St. James Church and walk your child into the kindergarten playground.

Additional information is available on our Arrival and Dismissal Procedures page.

No, we respect each baby’s unique needs and adapt to their individual sleep and feeding routines. We ensure babies maintain the schedules they are familiar with from home.

Safety is a top priority. Babies in Peaches class sleep with breathing monitors in their designated cots. All mattresses are breathable, and our teachers are certified in CPR, life-saving, and resuscitation. Babies are never left unattended.

Certainly, our teachers are available for daily communication with parents. We also maintain communication books, detailing sleep times and daily events, so parents stay informed about their baby’s activities.

Lemons Class - Older Babies

Children move to the Lemons class once they are confident walkers.

Certainly, our high teacher-to-pupil ratio enables us to provide individualized assistance, including feeding, to every child throughout the day.

Absolutely, we accommodate your child’s comfort needs from home. We also support children and parents when it’s time to transition away from such items.

Yes, our Lemons class follows a dynamic curriculum focused on active learning. We engage children physically and mentally, fostering fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech, language, cognitive and academic development, and social skills.

Mangoes - Toddler Class

Children in Mangoes class are now at the perfect age both physically, emotionally and verbally to complete their potty training, we work with parents’ hand in hand to provide an enjoyable potty training experience for both parent and child.

Apples Class - Grade 000

Berries Class - Grade 00

Pomegranate Class - Grade R