Unlocking Boundless Potential &

Empowering Young Minds


the“Older Babies" care at Seedlings & Flowers

As your child transitions from the baby stage to becoming mobile, we provide a nurturing environment that balances familiarity with stimulating experiences.

Our aim is to make this transition a joyful one while nurturing their growing minds and curiosity.

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Individualised care

Our weekly/daily activities include:

More About
The Class

At Lemons class, we provide a spacious and open environment designed to foster interactive gross motor learning and exploration. Our classroom features dedicated sections that contribute to a holistic daily program.

Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all of the expectations of professional childcare bodies are always a part of what we do.

What Else Makes Lemons So Special?​

With decades of experience we can comfortably say we have some unique and wonderful additions to each of our environments making our school as individualised as those within it!


we meet kids where they are.