Our daily schedule offers time for children to participate in both group activities and independent choice activities. 

Extra murals and in – house extra murals

We have a varied curriculum of in-house curriculum activities that are part of our curriculum and school fees, as well as several external extra murals for parents to choose from. The variety of activities makes for a holistic education that encompasses and spans cultural, physical, academic and social development

Included in- house curriculum activities (included in the school monthly school fees)

Music and drums programme.

Each age group takes part in weekly half hour classes where we learn songs from 4 different languages (English, Afrikaans, Zulu and French), as well as doing a variety of stories, songs and exercises with bongo drums. Peaches class will be doing a separate programme which will involve music with eye-hand and eye-foot co-ordination, rhythm exercise, focal and sensory exercise and more

Gardening and earth preservation

classes have the opportunity to grow and care for a variety of fruits and vegetables in our own veggie patch.

Breathing and focus

The children take part in weekly classes with a new breathing and self regulating story every week. This is a wonderful “discipline” for our pupils to take part it, it teaches them to breath, relax and focus on themselves and can help them resolve conflict within themselves and with others, yoga is a wonderful exercise for children to take part in and also has a great deal of philosophy and studies behind it to show the many benefits of using it in a school environment.

We in no way introduce breathing and focus as a form of spirituality or religious alternative/instruction. It is taught very much as a form of exercise and as a tool to improve children’s concentration, focus and flexibility

The world around us.

Children in Apples, Berries and Grade R classes take part in weekly geography lessons which teach about different countries, cultures, landmarks, languages and the food and where possibly, and where possible, we create an authentic meal from that county for the children to try.

Brain gym

After much research, we discovered a wonderful UK-based system called Brain Gym which we are proud to say, is now part of our curriculum. We start every morning in class off by doing our brain gym exercises. Studies show that brain gym increases blood flow to the brain, integrates the brain, and re-patterns positive brain patterns and habits.

Baby hands

Which is a sign language and language developmental program which children from 3 months – 6 yrs. can take part in. We have had such amazing results with our baby hands classes and we are so proud of how quickly and how well our children have grasped the art of sign language (particularly in Peaches class)


To ensure our little ones have holistic learning, we include a physical curriculum activity with weekly basketball lessons. The children learn eye-hand coordination as well as sportsmanship and working in a team. We have monthly basketball inter–class matches as well

Outsourced extra murals – these take part during school hours and parents are welcome to sign their children up for as many or as few of these options as they wish