Providing Exceptional Care and Stimulating Learning Environment for Infants


the infant care program at Seedlings & Flowers.

The Peaches Elite Baby Centre focuses on providing appropriate stimulation to babies from a very young age. It is important to cater to their every need as they cannot verbally communicate. The centre aims to create a comfortable and safe environment for babies, allowing them to follow their preferred routines.

We deeply appreciate that every baby is unique and strives to make them feel happy and content.

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Individualised care

Our program includes:

Infants program

With a carefully crafted curriculum that integrates language development, creative expression, cognitive challenges, and social-emotional growth, we provide a solid foundation for academic achievement and personal growth. 

Step into the world of the Peaches class, where every day is filled with laughter, curiosity, and the joy of learning. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of wonder and lay the groundwork for a bright future ahead.

What Else Makes Peaches So Special?​

Our our school the curriculum includes special things that we do to offer hands-on approaches to encourage the skills your child will need in the years to come.


we meet kids where they are.