Unleashing Boundless Potential:

Nurturing Future Leaders 


the Grade R program at Seedlings & Flowers

Grade R is a remarkable stage in a child’s educational journey, serving as a crucial bridge between early childhood and formal schooling. At Seedlings & Flowers, our Grade R class is designed to prepare children both academically and emotionally for the transition to primary school. 

We believe in providing a solid foundation for future success, nurturing confident, curious, and well-rounded individuals.

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Individualized care

Our preschool program includes:

Our Grade R Magic

In Grade R, we follow a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates the CAPS framework while adding our own Seedlings approved syllabus. This ensures that our students not only meet the requirements of primary school but also exceed them. We adopt a multi-sensory learning approach, engaging children through hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and technology integration. 

Our dedicated teachers guide students through various subjects, including STEM, language development, mathematics, art, and more, fostering a love for learning and instilling essential skills for future academic challenges.

What Else Makes Pomegranates So Special?​

In addition to academic excellence, our Grade R class places a strong emphasis on character development, social skills, and independence. We encourage positive peer interactions, teamwork, and effective communication, preparing children to thrive in diverse social settings.

With a nurturing and stimulating environment, dedicated teachers, and a robust curriculum, our Grade R class at Seedlings & Flowers provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and success.


we meet kids where they are.