Early world of learning system – “Interactive Learning”

“Early World of Learning promotes readiness”

Interactive learning

When it comes to teaching techniques, we believe strongly and pioneer the technique of interactive learning.

If a child is uninterested or bored in the way the lesson or information is being presented to them, they will not absorb the information or want to do the lesson again. That is why we teach our children in fun interactive ways which are sure to enhance their love for learning and make them understand and grasp what we are teaching them. We also use thechnology where possible to make the lesson more in-depth and visually stimulating.

Each class from Peaches onwards has a tailor-made practical life / skills development / sensory in-class system which is used on a daily basis.

These activities progress in difficulty through each class and work with the following areas of each child's development:

Fine Motor
Gross Motor
Eye-hand Co-Ordination
and Logic

The system ranges from activities such a visual tracking bottles in Peaches class to colour sorting with tweezers in Mangoes class. These activities are done each day in each class. If you would like to see all the activities this system includes, please be sure to ask one of our teachers to show you.

Interactive walls

Here at Seedlings, we have 2 fun interactive walls which you use as teaching tools.

The first is our brand new Letterland wall. We incorporate the use of this wall in all our English, reading and Letterland classes. All the Letterland characters can be taken off the wall and the children can rearrange them into stories etc. When we are learning a specific letter, we encourage the children to find pictures of things beginning with our current letter and to stick them on the Letterland wall.

The second is our map of the world. We use our giant Atlas for our around the world classes. Using an Atlas in a book to explain the different countries and continents works fine, but to have a huge Atlas on a wall works is much more effective. The children thrive with this lesson when they can walk up to the wall and touch the country we are discussing and it gives them a much better idea of scale and each countries location in the world. The colour coded continents are also a great tool as this allows the children to categories each country into its continent.