Seedlings & Flowers Playgrounds

A healthy balance of work and play makes a well rounded child and here at Seedlings our pupils have the best of both worlds.


We have three different playgrounds in our school:

Our first playground is our quad playground which has a combination our synthetic grass and real grass. The synthetic grass plays an important role as it is perfect for babies who still have very new and very sensitive skin. To avoid the children getting sun burnt, this playground also has a specially designed roof that allows the light and good elements of the sun in but stops all the harmful UV rays. Our first playground also has our veggie patch which our children use for our weekly gardening lessons.


The second is our brand new 400m2 playground which combines grass, synthetic grass and rubber matted flooring. Our second playground has a bike track, beautiful trees, sandpit, treehouse, jungle gym and more. 


The third is an all-weather playground with a roof that can be opened or closed depending on the weather, with outdoor grass and a beautiful jungle gym with a slide. We love Apples playground as it ensures the children always have an outside playground no matter if it is raining, very hot or very cold.