Our Staff through the eyes of Seedlings Pupils

Our Team

Our school is owner run which ensures that everything is run to the standard and level expected by the owner. Between our teaching staff we have over 45yrs experience in the teaching industry.

Each teacher is qualified CPR trained and in life saving, as well as being certified in Baby hands, Baby massage, child developmental and stimuli and child health, digestion and nutrition. Our staff are all CPR level 1 certified and to ensure that they are always up to date we all do yearly refresher certificates. 

All of our teachers incorporate the CAPS system into our syllabus as well as our own Seedlings approved learning curriculum.

We have teachers meetings weekly where we discuss lesson plans, themes, special events and all other aspects of our school.

Our staff comprises of 1 teacher and 1 assistant per class in our junior section and 1 teacher and 1 shared assistant in our senior section. All our teachers have been trained and are supervised by our owner as well as being supervised by our head teacher and head assistant to ensure that they meet and work within the high standards of our school. Our staff are made up of caring dynamic women whose main focus is to provide superior care to our pupils and offer support and feedback to our school parents.   

An introduction to our Owner and Head Teacher:

Our Owner / Principal-Teacher – Teacher Jess:

Teacher Jess grew up in a teaching environment with her mother being a pre-school teacher so, becoming a teacher herself was a natural progression. Teacher Jess has been involved in Seedlings and Flowers since its inception in 2002 and considers the school to be her pride and joy. After completing her NQF level 5 she then decided to add child psychology to her qualifications. Teacher Jess also completed studies in baby sign language, child nutrition, the fundamentals of Letterland as well as advanced First Aid. Teacher Jess is our Berries class teacher and overseas every aspect of the running of the school. She prides herself on knowing exactly what is happening with every pupil and every family.

Teacher Jess is a mom herself so understands the importance of excellent child care and education for your little ones, she understands how difficult it is leaving your precious child is someone else’s care, this is why she makes sure every aspect of the school is up to our very high Seeding’s standard.

Head Assistant: Sonja:

Sonja has been with our school for the last 10 years. Sonja is our schools head assistant teacher and loves nothing more than being involved with the development of the children, especially the baby classes. She truly has a gift with children of all ages, the children are drawn to her and they love her as much as she loves them.