Let’s look at the benefits of Seedlings in comparison to some other schools

Seedlings & Flowers
Some other schools
Here at Seedlings all our tables and chairs are made from solid wood as are many of our toys Tables, chairs and toys are plastic
All indoor flooring is Marley/ novilon cushioned flooring as it is soft durable and hygienic Flooring is either tiles (which are very hard & cold) or carpet (which are very unhygienic)
We only have a max of 6 – 16 children per class 25 children and more in one class
Our classrooms are bright colourfull and very big Classrooms are bedroom size with no bright colours
We encourage parents to either phone or speak to us whenever they wish. This gives parents peace of mind knowing their children are happy safe and well looked after Parents are wondering how their children are and if they are happy
Our end of year concert is strictly reserved for a nativity play. We never do anything else at the Christmas concert as we feel it is very important for our children to have a good understanding of Christmas as we are a Christian school. Schools do many different things for the November concert and children do not learn about all the true meaning of Christmas i.e. Christ’s birthday.
Our teachers are loving, responsible and are available to answer any questions you may have or when you just want to have a chat with your child’s teacher Teachers have so many children to take care of they don’t have time to have a casual conversation with the parents
Each child receives individually attention as there are only 6 – 16 children in each class the teacher has the time to sit down with each child and go through the work at a slow and leisurely pace and, they can also pay close attention to anything each child needs to concentrate on Teachers have so many children in their class they end up not having the time to get to each child and in the end your child loses out on one on one time with their teacher.
As we have three different playgrounds we have everything your child could need: a grass playground, a rubber matted floor playground and an all-weather playground Most other playgrounds are concrete flooring with very little shade, thus children come home with very bad sunburn, grazed knees & elbows or even worse
Here at Seedlings all ingredients used for our meals are from known reputable suppliers such as Woolworths & Pick ‘n Pay, when preparing our food we always make sure that the food looks & taste like something that you yourselves would want to eat At some other schools the food is bought in bulk which is very inn- expensive and of low quality. Because of its presentation you cannot tell where one item starts and the other finishes.

These are just a few reasons why Seedlings & Flowers stands out above the rest!!!!!