Our pre-school focuses on each individual child's needs and because we have such a fantastic pupil-to-teacher ratio, we can look at each child in a holistic manner and guide them by the hand through every aspect of their nursery school career. Our school is owner run and our owner and teachers are exceptionally dedicated and ensure that each child and parents needs are met. We have just celebrated our 17th Birthday and we invite you to join us for many more happy years to come.

A short story about Seedlings & Flowers nursery school

On the 9th of January 2002 a very different and unique nursery school was born. It was called Seedlings & Flowers nursery school crèche and aftercare centre

It was a very new concept for the nursery school industry, it focused on realising and catering for individual needs, small classes, very high teaching standards and above all an abundance of love between teacher and pupil.

We started off with 1 teacher 1 class and 3 children. Since then we have reached our desired capacity of 5 classrooms, 10 teachers and a set max number of pupils per class.

Here at Seedlings we believe in quality over quantity and that is why we have no more than between 6 – 16 children per class as this ensures that each child receives individual attention and is our top priority.

Although many other nursery schools have tried to copy our methods and ideas, no one has ever come close.

Our standards are higher than any other nursery school and that is why we can proudly say

“Look no further – none better”


“Children are like a sponge” this is a saying we live by. Most of what a child learns is learnt before the age of 7 years old so we make sure they receive the best education possible tailed to their specific learning style and needs. Our curriculum is department of education approved and monitored as well as being exceptionally fun and informative. We take everything to the next level of education from Peaches class to Grade R making sure your child is receiving information at all times even when they are sleeping, as we have subliminal confidence boosting classical music playing at sleep times. Only the best is good for our little Seedlings and Flowers


Every month the school does a different theme. Our theme’s range from “what I want to be” - “around the world” Our arts and crafts and our first ring of the day are devoted to what our particular theme is at the time.

Our children love learning about all aspects of our world and that is why we have a very varied and diverse list of themes.


We believe strongly that everyone is different and this is something to be celebrated, we use and include this concept in our daily activities with our children and we feel this is why we do not have a problem with bullying or teasing (we must stress that we have a no tolerance policy when it comes to bullying, teasing and name calling). We teach our children that if we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place.

Our school is very much a Christian school but we welcome children from every religion. We feel it is important for our children to all co-exist harmoniously and have a good understanding of not only their own religion but their friend’s religions. Schools in general these days are not even giving their pupils a good religious foundation and as most parents will admit, they don’t set the ground work themselves at home. In our weekly Bible classes, we make sure we teach religion in a fun interactive way that will stay with our pupils for the rest of their lives.

Our uniform

All our children (from the ages of +- 3 yrs. upwards, (depending on the child) wear a school uniform as this makes them feel more structured and it stops children coming to school in inappropriate clothes such as off the shoulder tops and bellbottom pants and our kids love their uniform

Movie day

On a Friday we have movie day. This means that the children will receive a little bag of popcorn, a drink and a seat number. We set it up just like a real movie theatre and the children have to go and find their seat number. We will only watch child appropriate movies such as “the little mermaid” or “Aladdin”.

Movie day is a great way of extending a child’s concentration abilities and it teaches them about numbers and Disney movies are a very vital part of any child’s “worldly” development.

Baker day

Once per month all children in Apples and Berries classes will take part in baker day. Parents do not need to supply or pay anything for this event. Depending on what we make will depend on whether the children eat their cooking creations at school or take them home.

Our baking item will be themed according to our class theme at the time or whatever we our studying in Bible study and will be making things such as the parting of the red sea, traffic robots and more.

Our orchard

Another recent edition to our school is our very own organic orchard. We are currently growing fruit such as strawberry’s, pomegranates, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, apples, peaches and pears. Once a week each class takes turns in “checking” our trees (to see if there is any new fruit) andwatering them.

When there is fruit on the trees the children takegreat delight in picking it and having a picnic. This is part of our campaign to promote healthy eating

Our Aim

To Provide a stimulation environment with spontaneous play of their own choice but also organised “play” from which they learn.

To stimulate curiosity and impart knowledge.

To improve communication skills, language and vocabulary.

To create a comfortable home from home environment where children feel happy and the parents feel free to communicate with the teachers whenever they want

But most important of all:

To Nurture Kindness, especially towards smaller children and animals. Honesty, good manners, self-esteem, respect for themselves and others, leadership and confidence.

In other words our aim is to turn out well rounded happy children.